Club Hell Rules
by WHO on Jan-1-1999
  • If you get mad, and claim you’re going to leave Club Hell forever, you will get banned as you won’t be needing your account any longer. I will not tolerate drama queens and attention whores that want to threaten to leave every 5 minutes hoping that everyone will beg them to stay. It especially irritates me when people claim they hate this board and are never coming back….and then 5 minutes later try to re-register under a new name so they can still lurk and post. So, to prevent this, not only will I delete your user name, but I will ban every known IP and email address you’ve ever had. Can you still get around the multiple bannings and sneak your way back in? Probably. But I’m going to to my best to make it mighty hard on you. So if you say you’re leaving, you better make damn well sure that you’re leaving and never planning on coming back. Otherwise, just SILENTLY take a couple of days off from Club Hell and come back when you’re feeling less like a spoiled 3-year-old.
  • Plagiarism in any way, shape, or form will earn you a banning. If you thought an article that you found on some other site was funny and you’d like to share with the group, please credit the original source and if possible, provide a link. If you don’t remember the source, make sure that it is VERY clear to the rest of the members that you didn’t write it. We are Goggle crazy here at Club Hell. And we don’t think theft, fraud, or anything of the like is either witty or cool.
  • Posting porn or anything else that isn’t “worksafe” will get you a warning. If you do it a second time, you will be banned. If you post any of the “known” gay sex trolling pictures (IE. within your first 10 posts, you will probably be banned on your first offense.
  • If you interupt a serious thread with ANY inane post that in no way, shape, or form relates to the original topic, your post will be moved to the Internet Fire Pits. Some people here like to have serious conversations that are not interupted with AOL chatroom-like bullshit after 3 posts. You will respect that, or you will end up in the Pits whereupon the other members of the board will laugh and heckle you.
  • If you make a point be prepared to back it up with facts. There will be no bullshitters on this board. If you are too lazy or too unskilled to back up your arguments, then stay out of debate-like threads. There will always be plenty of fart joke threads available to you, but leave serious threads to people who want to put some EFFORT into their posts.
  • You have no rights. You have freedom of speech only as long as what you say is coherant, flattering to me, and/or somewhat intelligent.
  • Use of trendy Internet lingo is completely prohibited.
  • Alternating upper/lowercase letters are frowned upon. User names that contain symbols instead of letters and numbers will be deleted.
  • If you spam, you will be banned.
  • I will ban you if I think you are a moron, if you break the rules, or just for some plain old fun. Get over it.


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