These People Should Not Reproduce
by WHO on Jan-3-1999

Email is in beige, my response is in black…

It’s obvious that you’re trying to be the Misanthropic Bitch. Oh sweetheart, you are probably just an angry teenager who think it’s cute and funny to use words like “nuts” and “fuck”.
Yes, of course I am. Because God knows, The Misanthropic Bitch has a monopoly on the words ‘nuts’ and ‘fuck.’

I’m sorry- but you are far from amusing.

I’m sorry, but you are far from literate.

It disappoints me to see you using your brain in such a way that would create this awful demeanor. Use your brain for something else.Get a livejournal or something. Hahaha. Lola

Holy shit, that’s ironic.

The Mike Thomas Files:
Your layout sucks, your graphics suck, your content is nowhere near offensive enough and I’m amazed how many people seem to mistake your common sense for intellectual opinion…There’s so much to disagree with I’ll just pick your most recent rant entitled “An Act of War”…

I agree with most of what you have to say…but those bleeding heart liberals who you would so happily to ship off to another country serve a very important purpose in this country…think about it, if there are no pussies running around whining about how we abuse other countries, this nation would have developed into a global asshole twice the size it is now…

Think about it, what if there was no one to object when we ran over to countries and fucked with shit we had no right fucking with just so we could get a few more barrels of crude oil…From Osama Bin Laden’s perspective, we are dickheads…we can prance around all we want and say how we are trying to help the people of Afghanistan but we know that’s a crock of shit…it’s just good ol’ George W. trying to simultaneously appease the liberals and the warmongers…if we didn’t have any liberals in this country we’d be bombing afghanistan and letting their dumb asses starve to death…if I raghead don’t eat, a raghead won’t shoot a stinger missile at your ass while your trying to bomb him into whatever age came before the stone age those fuckers are currently in…but I guess we should probably let some of them live, they are after all, sorta innocent…that’s where the liberals come in, who else is going to give a shit about those little shits, not I, that’s for goddamn sure…

Now I’m not a liberal, don’t get me wrong…that’s for fags and idealistic young women…I’m all about killing every man woman and child in the middle east…not because I’m a murderous lunatic but because in 100 years this world isn’t going to be run by hyper-religious towel-clad fanatics who are too stupid to carry there starving asses out of the desert…so why not just get rid of them now…a couple dozen nuclear warheads and the whole fucking world would be at peace…and gas would be dirt cheap…

But back to the point, liberals are the only thing keeping this country from really being a prick, a certain amount of sensitivity is needed to be able to go over to Afghanistan and kill thousands of faceless, nameless people and still come out looking like the good guy…if for no other reason, keep the liberals around just to generate good ideas for the propaganda side of the war…like food drops in the middle of a desert we’re bombing…how fucking absurd is that…

Blah, whatever, did I mention your page sucks???

Stream line your layout and for crying out loud fix your title graphic, it looks like shit…didn’t anyone ever tell you not to use the browser to change the size of an image…


Of course, I’m going to take advice from someone who uses the UpPerCase/LoWeRcAsE format when typing his handle.

Sorry to be writing again so soon, I’ll be out of town for the next couple of weeks so assuming you do choose to respond to my previous e-mail I won’t get to say anything in return…

A few side notes…I’m not sure how to take your ranting…I fully admit to it’s entertainment value…but does it actually make you an interesting person…you don’t really say anything original…

Newsflash! But NO ONE says anything original anymore. Originality, itself is completely obsolete. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: the Human Race has been around for 1,000’s of years. Our minds are active. It is completely inconceivable to think that people, in later generations, have ever thought, felt, or said anything that has never been said before in the entire history of mankind. People that claim to be original are in denial at best; delusional at worst.

you just say things other people aren’t saying and when the closeminded complain you pounce on them…so what does that make you??? And isn’t it trite and moronic to constantly tell people how stupid and unoriginal they are???

*coughs* Pot. Kettle. Black.

But how can you not…tough call…

Oh Jesus. The intellectual musings of Forrest Gump….

Also, if at all possible you should expedite getting your own forum…it’s extremely easy to pick apart peoples e-mails and make them look foolish…it’s far more difficult to engage in a continued discussion where they get the chance to pick your arguments apart…assuming you are looking for a challenge…if not then I guess you’re set…you have the high ground and people seem to like trudging up your hill only to be smacked down…

In my humble opinion it isn’t your ranting that makes you worthy of the time it’s taking to write these e-mails…it’s the fact that you would spend time creating a website to display your opinions and invite others to comment…granted, when they do comment you generally call them fools…When I read over your site, and I think I’ve read most of it at this point, I wonder what you are like in person…if one was to judge from your web presence, one would think you argumentative and grumpy…generally no fun to be around…do you dispute this??? are you satisfied with people thinking you’re a bitch???

Yet another idiot insinuating that I, as the author of this website, must be a very unhappy person. Did I mention how original you are?

I find myself wanting to create a website myself, but then I wonder what kind of people I would be associating with…I’m fine with people who are skeptical, argumentative, negative, even ruthless…but are you these things, or are you that girl that goes through life bitching, moaning and griping about everything only to end up alone and sexually frustrated….

Oh that’s funny. I’ll be sure to run that comment by my boyfriend while he’s eating my pussy tonight.

because you just never understood the brilliant simplicity of enjoying the world around you…This isn’t who I want to be (especially the girl part) and if this is anything close to who you are then maybe I should stop reading your site…

I wonder, after having read so many blatantly inflammatory e-mails, are you even capable of carrying on a correspondence without berating anyone…

Painfully ironic that statement was, considering that he spent this entire email berating me. Hypocrisy at it’s finest.

At the very least I hope I’ve provided you with some cannon fodder…-eMpTy

You see what I mean here…all you did was tell me I was stupid Pathetic and unoriginal…I’m unaffected by this…I know I’m not stupid, I know I am in fact pathetic, and I never claimed to be original…I’m just a person sending you an e-mail…My question is, is there something more, are you simply a person who has perfected the art of berating others or are you more…

I refuse to take offense to your mindless blathering which was far more mindless than my mindless blathering, in fact I think I would have been offended if I received anything less…

(It’s like conversing with a rock, is it not?)

eMpTy…My name is Mike Thomas, my initials are MT…get it…I thought someone who went by the name…Who…could at the very least understand that…we are not on a first name basis or any name basis whatsoever, you don’t use your real name so I feel no need to use mine…and if you can’t appreciate that then I’ll change my email address details so everything lines up for you…

*bangs head against desk* I wasn’t commenting on your desire to remain anonymous. Although, one would think that if anonymity was so important to a person, they wouldn’t fill out their accounts with correct info, thus making their identity common knowledge to anyone they email. I was commenting on your ignorant WaY oF TyPiNg. It’s tedious, immature, and hard to read. Quit it.

Moreover on the whole “you’re stupid and pathetic and unoriginal” thing…this is beginning to sound chronic, maybe you are paranoid about your own shortcomings…

Particularly my dick size. It’s way too small.

I would think about this if I were you…not that I go around insulting people I don’t know, but you’re giving me little choice at this point but to conclude that you desperately afraid of being unoriginal…Obviously you don’t care about that opinion and I’d be perfectly happy to reconsider…

Or more accurately, I’m desperately afraid of not being able to accomplish the impossible. Jesus Christ, can you read? Are your reading comprehension skills that poor? And since we’re talking about desperation, let’s talk about what YOU’RE desperate for. My attention. Why else would you write me long, pointless, incoherent, overly wordy emails? Doesn’t your Mommy love you?

Thank you for your pity by the way, I feel all warm inside now…maybe if I keep e-mailing you I’ll get some respect, then my life will be complete…

Don’t count on it.

And how can you tell me I’m wordy and keep a straight face…all you have is your verbosity…big whatever on that one…

For the record, I passed second grade English, I got a check plus as a matter of fact…I know precisely how intelligent I am, trust me, you’re not going to hurt my ego in that area, better stick to poking fun at the way I cApItAlIzE my alias…

You’ve passed second grade English? Prove it. TRY to to use correct punctuation! Or didn’t they cover that?

You ask people not to read a couple pages of your website and pretend they know you, I ask that you not read a couple e-mails from me and presume to judge me as “moronic”…

You know, if you don’t want people to view you as moronic…if you desperately want to be viewed as a logical, intelligent, thinking being….then why not learn to present yourself intelligently? For God’s Sake, you don’t interview for a job on Wall St. in jeans and a T-shirt, do you? And why not? Because you wouldn’t get the fucking job, you dolt! Same here. You DO NOT contact me, pleading for intelligent conversation, with emails riddled with spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and punctuation that would make people with DOWNS SYNDROME cringe. In short, if you don’t want to be TREATED like an idiot, don’t PRESENT YOURSELF like an idiot. Fucking retard.

let’s all pretend for a second that we are normal people, I’m a guy who has a normal life, a full-time job, and I just happened across your website one day…let’s refer to this pretense as, oh, I dunno…the truth…

I have a better one. Let’s all pretend that you make sense. *pauses*

Shit, I guess neither one of us has an imagination that big.

The question remains, are you willing and/or capable of carry on a conversation with a person who e-mails you about your website without using the words: moron, pathetic, or lobotomy…

Sure. Are the words idiot, loser, attention-starved, jackass more to your liking?

I don’t remember saying you were unentertaining, or moronic…in fact I think I said I found your site greatly entertaining…but being entertaining and actually having something to contribute to the world around you are two entirely different things…

And that’s exactly why I created this website: to contribute to the world. Because, you know, changing the world is so easy that someone can do it from behind a computer screen.

I am interested in what makes people like you, who have websites like yours, tick…is it about anger, is it about attention, or are you just honestly that rude…I’m not judging, I’m just asking…-eMpTy

It’s about suppression.

Hahaha… Now what ever will I do to get the bills paid…boohoo… Oh, wait… Hahaha… That’s the silliest thing you’ve said yet…thanks for the laugh…

But on a more serious note…HAHAHAHA

Sorry to take up so much of your time, seriously, good luck with your website…

I guess I would have had better luck with this discussion if I had chosen a direction and stuck to it, my first e-mail was meant to be playful at best, not insulting…and in the two following e-mails I think I had a point somewhere but it’s long forgotten now…

The only reason I ever wrote to you was to find out what kind of person has such a website, it’s hard to translate a web presence to an actual personality…all insulting aside, I do like your website but I hoped to have a more civil correspondence with you…not that I place the blame for that on you…

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and all that horseshit…good luck with that whole pussy eating thing…

Someone really should start selling a ‘Moron to English’ dictionary.

I appreciate your tenacity, I really do…

I thought that was the sound you made when you diddled yourself…oh, no that was *squish*…

But you’re quite right…I’m such a moron…that was a such an amazingly witty insult…*cough cough*…

Back over here in the real world I’m not interviewing for any job because I already have one that takes up most of my time…and if I were to find myself as an interviewee with you as the interviewer, no matter the position…I’m sure blue jeans would be more than acceptable for the occasion…hell, a bathrobe would probably suffice…Shit I could even go naked, I’m sure to get a job or two from you that way…

Buy a dictionary. Look up: Analogy. While you’re at it, look up: Sarcasm.

By the way…what does your boyfriend think of your website??? -Mike

It makes him horny.

You know…it’d help a whole lot if you would stop assuming that I don’t get your little insults and insinuations…To make things a little easier I’ll provide an explanation in () for anything I think might be a little unclear to you…

I love this debating technique.

Debater #1 makes a verbal jab at Debater #2. Said verbal jab flies right over Debater #2’s head, causing him to sputter stupidly and make vapid comments on issues that hold no relevance to the conversation whatsoever. Debater #1 gets sick of Debater #2’s bumbling and points out Debater #2’s obvious error. Like an immature little jackass, Debater #2 self-righteously claims, “I knew what you were talking about all along! YOU’RE so stupid because you didn’t know I knew what you were talking about! I guess I should turn the table and explain things to YOU, huh, huh?”

If Debater #2 wasn’t already a proven dumbass, this technique might be effective. However, it’s usually all down hill from there.

Each time you go back and explain yourself you make me that much more confident of your intellectual inferiority…(this is an insult)

I know exactly what you are saying…I’m just responding accordingly…

If you would have read my e-mail a little more closely maybe you would realize that I was insinuating that you give me a blow job…(that’s when you put a guys dick in your mouth, I’m sure you’re familiar with the act)

Again, thanks for the laugh…(I find you’re miscomprehension of my e-mails humorous)

And what are all these spelling and punctuation errors you keep referring to??? I admit I take a few liberties with my punctuation but I don’t think I actually spell things wrong very often…and if so it’s more likely a typing error or editing mistake than an actual lack of knowledge. I find such mistakes annoying as well so I do humbly apologize for my poor grammar. (this is called sarcasm)


Look, I’m just having fun e-mailing you back and forth…I really have no ill will towards you whatsoever…I think you’re rather funny…at any time you want to stop insulting me I’d be happy to do the same…(here I’m being honest, but if you want to pick it apart and call me a pathetic loser, that could be fun too)

Translation: Your verbal slap downs are really hurting my feelings. So, to avoid more, I’m going to kiss your ass a little, hope you feel sorry for me, and play at befriending me.

He doesn’t know me very well, does he?

But if this is what you like to do in your spare time, I’m more than bored enough to insult you till the cows come home…and I must insist on getting the last word…(I think you’ll find this offensive, that’s why it’s here) -Mike

PS Do you tell people your name? I don’t think I came across it on your site. Whatever the case, what is it? (I’d like to know your name, called me old-fashioned)

Translation: I’m going to stalk you until you tell me you like me.

How about this? I block your email address.

So much for having the last word, eh?

(Mike Thomas, after registering a new email account) Actually I think I’ll have the last word if you don’t mind, and you are now ignored on all my e-mail accounts…including this one…Look, I was just writing you for laughs…you don’t want a civil conversation, I can see that…no big deal…

You aren’t all that, but you’re not half bad either so have fun with your website but try not to fall into that trap where you use the same insults over and over…like grammar and such…completely boring…

Somehow I thought I might actually reach an understanding with you, but alas now we’ll never understand each other…and believe me, I’m devastated…-eMpTy

P.S. What ellipses are you talking about??? I think you mean parentheses…DUMBASS…

That P.S sure does say it all, doesn’t it?

Loved your site, surfed in from…ah, fuck, I can’t remember now. Anyways, I was checking out your links and saw that you had the “old” MB address ( She got kicked off of that one for some rather off-color stuff she said about Sept. 11th. Her new address ( is pretty rad. You might want to update your links when you get a chance (and Christmas break is upon us…).
My little brother is a CS major at Georgia Tech…you didn’t perchance go there(or still go there), do you? Crosby, Ryan M.

Been there, read that. Please don’t mistake my laziness at not changing the link for ignorance.

The Misanthropic Bitch doesn’t need another whore, dear. But I do. So if you want to start writing to other web owners whining that they are not linked to me, be my guest. I’m sure that they will be impressed by your dog eared ‘I-was-just-trying-to-help’ nagging.

I know you are a bitch….
But you see I am a perverted bastard, so what do you have to lose? You send me your picture, knowing that I have no way of ever finding you and if I like what I see, I suffer forever. Then again, you might have to prove to me that you aren’t a ugly, puss covered cow who cops an attitude because she couldn’t get a date on a dare. So what are you? I dare you to send me a picture that is really you. See form E- mail below sent to the masses……

Hello, my name is Ben. I am searching the Web for women who are willing to send me a picture of themselves. This picture may be as plain, fancy, or risque as you wish. I only request that the picture be of you alone, your face is clearly visible, and there is no readable identification in the picture. In your E-mail please send along your name, age, and town address. If you know of anyone who might be willing to respond to this request, please forward this E-mail along to them with my thanks. More information may be found at my website, listed below.

I have nothing to prove to anyone…including you.

To me, your little ‘dare’ doesn’t seem to compensate ME much. I mean, you get to find out that I’m the sorta girl that wouldn’t waste her spit on you, but what do *I* get?

In short, send me some cash. And I’ll send you my picture.$20.00 will suffice.

You’re choice.

*Disclaimer: The following in an actual correspondence with a moron. Get plenty of Kleenex before proceeding. Your eyes may start to bleed.*
I just cruised your site for a while, I don’t want to sound straight forward, well I do actually, do you want to talk with me sometime? I didn’t have anything to lose by asking so what the fuck.

{Obviously, I got right on that. Which explains the second email}

No I suppose the previous message will be deleted faster than cancer.

Wow, you can delete cancer? Does the medical community know about this?

The thing is, I’m as empty as you are.

Sorry, tough guy. I’m not empty. In fact, there is a multitude of internal organs working together as a system to keep ME alive. I’ve been blessed, I guess.

There are only a few of differences between us. You blame the world for life being the way it is. I blame myself. You think you are above everyone. I know I’m not.

I love getting email like this. Some asshole reads 3 pages of my site and suddenly knows my inner most thoughts and secrets. And what a coincidence! They are the same thoughts and secrets he has had himself! Truly astounding.

I made a site like yours when I was 13. I thought the world needs to hear how fucked up it is. I wrote long philosophical rants, responded with humor to all the email, had a msg board where people either said you rock or you suck and replied with witty comments that really meant shit. But then I grew up.

I can see that. Now you just VISIT sites that have long philosophical rants and send them insipid email that makes little to no sense. You really are progressing nicely maturity-wise.

While my peers are playing baseball I’m pondering life.

No witty comment here. I just thought that was funny as hell.

I know I’m not average. I know that being unique is being in hell. I want someone to relate to. But I don’t chase dreams. I stopped hoping when my christian mother told me I’m going to hell. I realized I’m an atheist when I was praying to him one night for the thousandth time and all I got was a kick in the ass the next day.

Ah, yes. A divine kick in the ass. See? God doesn’t like you anymore than the kids who wouldn’t play baseball with you.

I don’t have friends.

Wonder why?

I’m not antisociety. The society is antime. Life is overrated and so is death. But I have too much apathy for both. You’re interesting. So am I.

Yes, very fascinating. *smiles and nods*

But not to you. I understand you.

Yes, of course you do! We’re kindred spirits! Soul mates brought together via the World Wide Web!

I wish I didn’t. I want tranquility. I want ecstasy that doesn’t come in a pill.

Drug addict. That actually explains a lot.

One day you’ll grow up too. You’re not as open minded as you think you are.

Of course not. I’m only as open minded as YOU think I am.

Normally I’d leave this alone and click the ‘x’ button but I have slipped out of normality ages ago. I emailed you because I am bored.

But I just thought you said you ’slipped out of normalcy?’ Don’t you know that using the ‘I was bored’ excuse to justify writing vapid emails is fairly COMMON among individuals suffering from self esteem problems because no one would play baseball with them when they were younger? I hate to break this to you, but you’re typical.

You’ll email me because you’re cocky. You cannot accomplish anything with your site.

So world domination is out of the question, huh?

People who are capable of thought will not spend a minute there because you’re contradicting yourself with every other sentence.

I am? Where?

Because hypocrits are boring. You are interesting but nothing more and nothing less. All you need to do is to be happy. You’re just looking for happiness in all the wrong places. I understand that now as well.

Now I’m not happy either. I’m miserable. I’m depressive. I’m filled with preteen angst. Oh, woe is me.

You must have understood wrong. I don’t think you’re not happy, I know you aren’t.

And you know everything about me, don’t you? After all, you skimmed the fuckbuddy form on my site.

Not truly happy anyway.There are different states of happiness, the illusory kind I don’t count. You contradict yourself in all the wrong places. If I told you where then it would be too easy for you.

Translation: I couldn’t find a single place on your site where you contradicted yourself, but I’m going to pretend I did and act like I’m doing you a favor by not telling you to avoid looking like a dumbass.

Do you really care what a stranger feels about you? It’s funny how those two questions is all you could think of asking.

No, I don’t. If I did, I probably would of thought of MORE questions to ask, don’t you think? Lack of questions=lack of interest.

Are you trying to sound stupid?

Yes, actually. I was hoping if I dumbed my responses down a little, it would be a little easier for you to understand me. Guess my efforts are futile, huh?

I know you’re not. Those two questions were a direct hit by your insecurities, it wasn’t the quantity I was referring to.

Right again! You hurt my itty bitty feelings. *SAD FACE*

Not everything in life is an argument, not everyone is against you “run rabbit run dig that hole, forget the sun.” that’s poetry.

Dr. Seuse, even.

You should read more. Learn more. As the old thingy saying goes those who speak most have least to say.

You’re a perfect example.

So you say you like a challenge? That’s my take of you. And you like ignorant fucks trying to figure you out. You get perverse pleasure out of turning the masses away. Queen of Whoville? Funny how cynicism always makes you right. Read some Nietzsche. You might be enlighted by the fact that even when you’re right, you’re wrong. Just some more material for you to feed to your fans. Oh, those adoring fans. Goodnight Sweetheart

Kind of you to think of my adoring fans. And you’re right, they should enjoy your mindless psycho babble immensely. But do me a favor? Don’t call me sweetheart.

Well Who, I’m the first one to admit that I was wrong. When I first found your site by following a link in TMB’s message board, I immediately thought the worst. I thought the first rant I read was pretentious, and I thought you were less than competent mentally. So, I did what anyone who is fast to judge and eager to cause controversy would. I posted a vague, yet very negative message on your board in order to stir up the regs, thinking I would never be back again. Not intellectually challenging, but it could have been an amusing diversion if someone had taken exception and emailed me.

Here’s where he makes his first mistake. He not only believes that he is the first brain-dead no-life asshole to write something negative about me in my guestbook, but he also makes the assumption that people would waste their time emailing someone so obviously devoid of any original thought.

Then, something interesting happened. I went back and actually read some things other than your intro. I found myself intrigued. I realized that outside of your atrocious spelling, your thoughts were well put together…coherent even.

For someone whose flaming masterpiece consisted of nothing more than the words: “Oh God you suck,” he sounds oddly condescending.

I started to enjoy myself. A few days later, I checked your message board again and found that the hornet’s nest was sufficiently stirred.

Bullshit. You were shooed away like an annoying little insect.

While the threats of bodily harm were laughable, I thought it was cute how all these guys rallied around you. Which leads me to this: This is not a letter to profess my undying admiration for your wit and insight.

You probably do enough of that in private anyway.

This is not a letter to blubberingly apologize for slandering your name in your message board.

Slandering me? Listen you ignorant fuck, “Oh God you suck” is not revolutionary flaming. Stop acting like you dazzled us with your wit and verve.

This is not even a letter to ask you to get naked and roll around in Crisco with me.

It would never happen. Frankly, you repulse me.

This is simply a letter to let you know that I know I was too hasty to judge. End of story.

There is nothing that I could possible say here that would make this guy’s ego look any more unjustifiable that he, himself has not already said. I bet you he has a big dick.

Dear Who,

While I agree that no body should be treating you badly just because you are white, and that there are slackers that use the system, let me tell you that life for black people in this country is still far worse than it is for whites.

I am going to interrupt you here with a small, but necessary reality check. It is hard for everyone in America to scrape out a living considering that fact that no matter who or what you are, someone doesn’t like you and is more than willing to discriminate against you for some reason or another. I bet you that a black man makes more than a white woman. And what about the Mexicans? Hispanics? The Chinese? Think of how hard it would be to live a fulfilling life if you were crippled. Hell, Homo’s have a hard time getting into the fucking Army. So don’t cry to me that you’ve been discriminated against. We all have.

Your slacker friend with a 2.6 gpa is probably in the absolute last place where she will receive any benefits for being black.

That’s not the point. The point is she should not receive ANY benefits simply because she’s black. Giving (or not giving) benefits based on nothing but color is racist.

You see this is the con: it’s okay to send the minorities to school, but hire them and promote them into meaningful jobs; NO. And for the record, affirmative action programs really do not work. Only a tiny percentage of minorities ever benefit from them. The world is still run by white males, for white males.

I received horrible advice from counselors in high school and college,

Once again, reality check time: NO ONE gets good advice from high school counselors! It’s nothing personal. I mean, do you really believe that your counselor told all the black people in your class to be janitors because he wanted to ruin your lives? Do you honestly believe he sits in his chair purposely giving bad advice as he strokes his cock underneath the desk? Paranoid much? It seems to me that someone such as yourself who has experienced so much prejudice in his lifetime would not discriminate against high school counselors for being morons. Especially since it’s your own damn fault if you took the advice in the first place.

have been blatantly discriminated against time after time.

Like I said: join the club.

It does not stop just because I have a degree now and am embarking on my career. There are tons of white applicants with 3/4 of my qualifications who make 1.5 times my money because of skin color.

I really hate this argument. What makes you so positive that it’s your skin color that’s holding you back? Did your boss flat out tell you, “I’m not going to promote you because I hate niggers?” Maybe it’s because you’re lazy. Or lacking seniority. Or maybe it’s because someone else is better qualified. Don’t hide behind your skin color and whine every time you get passed up for something. Work harder and prove yourself worthy.

When I hear whites complain, unless I know the person, I feel no sympathy. That is because I have been stoned (as in had rocks thrown at me), harassed and accused of many wrongdoings strictly because of my skin color. When white people I know moan that they are not responsible, I tell them that they are. Why? Because whites need to police their own group yet refuse to do so out of selfishness and fear.

Number one: that is a very racist statement you just made. Splitting people up into separate ‘groups’ is what allows racism to thrive. How about we have just one group? We’ll call it ‘HUMANS.’

Number two: Since I am child-free and single, I remain responsible for no one’s actions but my own.

When I hear blacks and see blacks discriminate against whites, I call them on it. I tell them they are wrong. It is part of the reason why I have few friends, but hey, I don’t want to live with or around that stuff no matter who it is coming from. Complaining about oppression is one thing, but being a jerk to someone simply because of their skin is another.

White people already are proud of their heritage.

We are? Seems to me that we have been shamed for generations because of our color. We are constantly being blamed for instances we have no control over. Show me one person (who is not in the KKK) who can honestly say to themselves that they were brought up being taught that it was OK to be white. Even on the off-chance that you could, I highly doubt that they would say it aloud. Why? Because afterwards, they would get their ass kicked.

They don’t need to have an all-white anything, particular in a country like the US that caters towards whiteness because white people are in the majority. Having a black frat or soro is not racist unless the group is expressing racism. Race pride is not racism. Hate and Fear and Greed are racism.

You just contradicted yourself. You said that it was OK for there to be fraternities or sororities for just one particular race as long as it doesn’t express racism. Is OK for me to start a sorority for just white girls if I don’t express racism in any way, shape or form? No. Why not? Because we’re white.

I submit to you and to everyone, regardless of who they are, that if they have not actively done something to stop the spread of racism then they are a part of the problem. Simply vowing not to discriminate is only the beginning. If you see it, don’t turn your head, confront it or report it to someone in authority who you know will do something about it. And in case you are wondering, yes I have literally fought, as in physically

Good idea. Solve the problem with violence. Much better than my idea of getting rid of racist programs and teaching your children tolerance.

and mentally, against racism. I have filed several complaints in my time, beaten up a few racists,

And I’m sure the only thing you accomplished was making that particular person EVEN MORE RACIST than he was in the first place. Do you honestly think that pounding some guy in the head is going to make him see you in a whole new light? On the contrary, you just helped him justify his beliefs. He probably went home, put some neosporin on his wounds, and told his children, “Look what some coon did to your pappy! I tell you, they’re all animals!” Face it. You are not helping the problem, you are a part of the problem.

and defended whites from blacks and blacks from whites. The minorities are not just complaining. Stop paying attention to the few burgeois spoiled jerks and look at the people who are being dragged behind trucks, sodomized by plungers, mis/under-educated or paid just enough money to scrape by, all because of their skin color.

Or their sex, or their religion, or their sexual preference….

Life as a thinking black man in America is worse than anything you could see on The Twilight Zone. Steven King films are Disney compared to the real life of a minority in our country. John

Your greatest error is blaming all of your shortcomings on your race. The reason you haven’t progressed as much as you like probably has nothing to do with your skin color. It’s probably because you are a whiner. No one likes a fucking whiner.

P.S. I’m black.


Does that fact nullify my argument? It shouldn’t.

No, the fact that you are wrong nullifies your argument.


WHOO-OO! You got MY attention!

Is that all you ever talk about?

Yes it is. Furthermore, it’s all I ever THINK about! In fact, could you…ah…er…hold on for a second…?

{Insert wet, squishy sounds here}

Maybe if you acted more like a lady you could get a man to handle that for you!

You mean to tell me that if I change the background color of my site to pink and start writing about how much I love babies, puppies, kittens, and shoes I will be granted the ‘pleasure’ of some inept Neanderthal pawing at me like a cat trying to cover up his shit in the litter box? No thanks, I’d rather diddle myself.
::squish; squish::

I was just wondering, How long did it take you to _MAKE_ that site of yours,

It’s an ongoing labor of love, my dear

and WHY would you spend your time doing that?

Because I’m attention starved and egotistical. Besides, hate mail makes me horny. I am masturbating over this letter as I type.

I won’t deny it. I hate just about everybody on this planet. It is good that you can freely post your ignorance all over the world wide web. It would be a real shame if you stifled back all that ranting and raving.. The whole world would be missing out– I’m sure.

Are you being sarcastic?

I must admit, You are somewhat clever and funny. Ok. You’re hilarious. I will give you that much.

Thanks. Your opinion means so much to me
(Look at me, Look at me! I can be sarcastic too!)

(and here I thought I was the only one who thought to use the hot sauce where it counts)

I really should put a patent on that particular form of torture. I could make a fortune!

Pardon me. Life doesn’t suck. If your life sucks, you’re not living it correctly.

Pardon ME, but what is the ‘correct’ way to live? I breathe in, I breathe out. I didn’t realize it was more complicated than that.

That’s OK, you’re allowed to do things your way.

Thanks, I’m glad I got your permission to do things my way. Now I’ll be able to sleep tonight.

But realize that your life is what YOU make it. If your life sucks, change it. Or change your attitude. If you have a predisposition to expect things to suck, then they will. Choose to be happy, and you will. If you deal with people that suck, get rid of them….

Blah, blah, blah. He had more to say, but I got bored and quit reading.

Whoever made up this waste of time needs to get a life that’s worth living, and don’t come bitching to me, I didn’t ask for it.

Um, I don’t recall ASKING you to visit my site and I surely didn’t ASK for your bitchy, ignorant email. Who needs a life now?

What did you do to your website? You dont even update it anymore,

Ok people…let me get this straight right now: I have a life outside of the computer! I work full-time, I go to school, I do volunteer work, I belong to a book club, I work out, I go hang out with my friends, I date, etc. In short, I will do the the best that I can with updating, but I am not going to put my life on hold for this site. AND NEITHER SHOULD YOU! Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you visit…but if not seeing a daily update on here is affecting you so harshly that you feel you have to send me ignorant emails, well, then, you are spending WAY to much time in front of the computer!

and if you do, you never say anything about it anywhere. You shouldve at least kept the message board,

I axed the message board because I have a guestbook…they are basically the same thing. (Dumbass)

but I cant seem to find that. Sometimes there were new posts there. That site is going down real fast.

Does being this stupid hurt? First of all, my site is only a month old and considering that it was barely promoted at all, it’s doing pretty damn good. Second of all, do you really think my entire site is going to ‘go down’ because one person doesn’t like it? And if so, Care to make a wager on that? I could use the extra cash!


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