These People Love Me
by WHO on Jan-1-1999

Email is in beige, My response is in black…

very nice site. I have to tell you (though you prolly hear it all the time) that it’s nice to find a site that isn’t about just one thing: cumshots, bj’s, etc. It’s the kind of site that I can come back to and find something else interesting that I didn;t get last time.

It’s funny that right after he say’s this, all of his comments referred to things such as cumshots, Bj’s, etc.

I’d like to suggest a few more things about porn that I’d like to see go away. Enough already of the pics of women gobbling cock and looking at the camera. I don’t wanna see the girl hamming for the camera all the time. If my girlfriend was sucking me and looking at another guy off to the side every time, I’d get pissed. Porn is about masturbation and I wanna see a girl paying attention to what she is doing! Like I’d hope she was doing if it were me! Enough of the fingers spreading the twat wide. Enough of calling women “sluts, whores, bitches, etc.” If I see some porn site talking about it’s “cum swallowing whores” I’m gonna bypass it quick - cause chances are, it’s one of the sites that caters to the point-number-one crowd. Can we please just get some pics/videos of people who seem to ENJOY normal, sexual, sensual sex? I’m not a “sensitive new age guy” but I really get off more on “position” than on “cumshots.” I’d like to see more legs-wrapped-around-the-back than more anal-shots from six inches away. Finally, it’s a drag that you have it out for the “heat.” I’m a cop. Narcotics Agent actually. heh heh c ya

A pervert and a cop. I love it.

dear Who, after some of the shameless self-publicity of some sites for aspiring ‘Personalities’ and the indifferent crap of morons whose webpage consists of ‘Hi my name is ******, click here for picture, I hang out in the teeny chatroom my name is “hot-teen-blonde”‘
Unfortunately, in this day and age of oversensitive PC hippies making us love and help EVERYONE including the lazy layabout scum who bottomfeed our taxes and all the jerks who will happily screw their own family over to progress their meaningless existence, your website because your views and thoughts are far too true. Oh I’m sorry I forgot to use the PC term ‘radical’ and ‘misguided’ because you have experienced these things in life you have no right to form an opinion! It’s other peoples opinions and orders that matter! when will we ever learn to stop learning! *sarcastic pause*

{He’s really getting worked up here, isnt’t he?}

I keep checking your site for the latest updates, love the site, real passion (whatever that is) , If you could e-mail me and waste 5 minutes of your probably valuable time (ie you live a purposeful life and not an empty existence) it would be apprciated Hear from you soon? Ian

Sure, Ian. I’ll get right on that. *grin*

life doesn’t suck. i’m sure you don’t think so, all 125 lbs. of you.

Cool! You can read my mind! Tell me what I’m thinking right now. (Hint: It has something to do with the ‘delete’ button)

i’m sure you’re a sexy lit’l thing. at least your mind is. though you have a slightly morbid outlook, i can somehow tell it’s only on the surface… i think.

You got me again! This whole ‘Life Sucks’ thing is merely a clever facade to hide the fact that I like doily’s and the movie ‘Pretty Woman.’ It’s obvious that I define myself by what people on the Internet think of me. I mean, If they knew I owned a Tori Amos CD…would they still like me? But you seemed to have figured it out. Gee, you’re smart.

reality is only as real as your perception. your inteligent. young. but not young minded. just young. why’d you post your page on loser’s? why am i looking at it? do i know you? what city r u in? a big one? a small town? is that why life sucks?

Why do you ask so many boring fucking questions?

me? i’m in a melting pot, so-to-speak.

A melting pot of what? Moth balls, bits of string, and bong resin?

doesn’t matter. anyway, if you find the time, e-mail me. if not, know that i came and i read. you turned me on and that i am 7 inches long, 5 or so round maybe more.

I have to be honest with you. The rest of your letter didn’t impress me. However, when you told me your penis was a whooping 7 inches long, I immediately decided to post your email. Everyone knows what they say about guys with big dicks. Big Dick. Small brain. God’s cruel joke to women everywhere.

re: Napster: The funniest part about the whole thing is that Bore-tallica seems to have chosen a target at random. Being uneducated and small-minded as they are, they didn’t go after mp3 rippers, CuteMX, AudioGalaxy, or any of the other zillions of ways to download a Metallica song for free…they picked on Napster because it’s got the biggest buzz right at the moment. Why don’t they pick on radio stations? People don’t have to pay to listen to the radio, and could easily tape Metallica songs for free from there, trade tapes with their friends, and infringe upon copyright laws that way. What about home taping, and the minidisc recorder? And never mind that a lot of people are using mp3 as way to “try before you buy” music that they’d never have a chance to hear on the radio or television, and independent artists are getting more exposure because of it…..Metallica themselves once made a video called “Cliff ‘Em All” that was entirely comprised of bootlegged footage. Without the type of fans that did that stuff, the band wouldn’t be as successful. So what do they do? They go stab their fans in the back yet again (damn it, we were still recovering from the half-assed effot put forth on Load & Reload). Argh.

Well said.

re: Dateless: Dating is just too much damn work. Having to deal with the initial stages of meeting a person, trying to figure out if that person is available and interested, and then trying to get a personal exchange going is just a big pain in the ass. It’s no good to expect people to hit on you, because they don’t want to go to the effort either, only to face rejection and the awkwardness of dealing with you every day after you turn them down.

Here’s a question: Why in God’s name would I want to be with a lazy, balless, fuck who thinks spending time with me is too much effort?

And hitting on people yourself quite often comes across badly.

Besides, it takes effort.

OK, so that leaves making friends with them. Great. How long into the “friend zone” will everything be fucked up if you try to initiate a romance? God damn it’s a miracle anybody ever gets together at all. I hate dating. I’ve always hated dating. Dating is like the bullshit stage and often its hard to make yourself go past it because of all the bullshit. Getting past dating and into the actual relationship part is really where it’s at. It’s great when you get there. But GETTING there…fuck. I feel your pain. Hey, about “Joe” who comes over and cuddles with you….ever think of maybe trying to kiss HIM on the spur of the moment? I know, awkward as fuck if it goes wrong, but just a thought. Maybe the guy is thinking “geez, I’m always telling her how great she is, but she never responds. I guess she doesn’t like me.”

Christ, that’s just my point. I do respond. I do everything short of ripping my cloths of and dramatically saying, “Take me now, you sexy ripped stud!” I can’t help it that he’s too dense to pick up on it.

However, you made some decent points. Have to give you credit for that…

I found yer site while working today and fell head-over-heel madly in love! (is that too forward?)

Not at all. You could have told me your dick size.

I commend you on your website. I linked to it thru “Losers dot org” but you don’t come across as a “loser” in the sense that they refer to…I didn’t take the time to fill out your “Fuckbuddy” quiz, but I wouldn’t mind being graded on that. It’s be nice of some of the women I’ve could express themselves like you do, although I do have to say that you’re a bitch. And I mean that as a compliment. Keep on doing what you’re doing, my dear…

Fuckbuddy tip: Fill it out seriously and you’re probably going to get a low grade.

holy fuck ( no its not abusive saying FUCK! ) your site kicks ass. Although you already knew that now didn’t you?

Yes, I did.

If I had anything bad to say about your site, I wouldnt say it anyway. You’d just give me some remark such as,”thanks for your opinion you low life piece of shit.”

Wow, you really do have me figured out!

because in the grand scheme of things, what the fuck do I matter to anyone else but myself?

Exactly. Your existence doesn’t mean shit to me. Glad you’ve come to terms with that realization.

I got your website from a good friend. He just recently e-mailed you with his website. It’s the one that is the parody on cannabalism. Not like that really matters, but, I’m usually full of useless shit.

YOU said it…

I have to say, I agree with so much shit you say on your site. I laughed my ass off to no end. That woman beating rant, good god you were so right on with that. I feel the exact same way about mostly everything. The race rant, the “aw ‘yada’ baby” rant, you f’ing rule! Well, I have to go on with nothing else but life. so, Have Fun Erix

Thanks for the email Erix. I actually enjoyed it…even though my response was kind of bitchy. I’m just feeling spunky today. For the record though, telling me how right I am and how much I rule is always a great way to start an email.

I took your comments about the women who abuse their children by staying in abusive relationships and forwarded it to everyone on my list. It is the most intelligent thing I have seen on the web lately. If you don’t mind I am thinking about putting it on my site along with a link to your page.

Whoa, I like you already!

I am a Police Officer in the metropolitan area.

Ouch. You lost a little credibility there…

I was not really offended by your commentary on police, not that you would care even if I was but I want to give you my opinion. I have met and even worked with officers like the ones you describe. They are a small minority and usually don’t last very long because acting like that stresses them so much that after a while they either do something stupid or have a heart attack.

*Grinning at the thought of Officer Pig having a heart attack*

The fat guys in major departments are also a rarity on the street. When an officer get to fat to be able to perform his job he is usually sent to a class to get that weight off and if he can’t he is moved someplace out of the public view.

Oh God, that’s funny!

“I’m sorry Officer Pig, but you’ve become grossly overweight and we are now afraid that you might scare the children. In fact, you look like you can eat a child. Could you please waddle your fat ass down into the basement and do some unneeded filing? We’ll send plenty of fried chicken and donuts down to you until you have a heart attack and disappear from the payroll.”

Must be humiliating.

However, the pay at small departments is usually very low and so they can’t be nearly as discriminating about who they hire. Their oversight is also sometimes pretty relaxed. Also, in smaller cities the police don’t have nearly as much to do so they can do a lot more traffic enforcement and can be overzealous about it. In large departments the patrol division units are going from one call to the next and don’t really have the time to make a lot of traffic stops, they usually have a traffic division who specialize in traffic enforcement.Traffic units have discretion on the type of violations they cite and officers will usually ignore anything less that 12 MPH over the limit except in school zones because if it goes to court it would usually be dismissed anyway. The moral I guess is that usually, the smaller the department is the lower the pay and so it is harder for them to get professional acting officers. I know there are policemen who are jerks but most are average guys trying to do the right thing.

Send some to Ohio then. Please?

Anyway, look at my page, reply if you have time. I like to debate and I think I would like talking to someone who has a real opinion rather than just following the crowd.


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