Equality of the Sexes
by WHO on Feb-25-2003

Ask anyone minus a Y chromosome if she believes in equal rights for women, and you will be met with a shocked and dumbfounded stare. Seriously, how can one NOT agree that women should be treated as equally as men? By God, a woman can do anything a man can do and she’ll probably do it better!

So how come a man doesn’t have any legal say-so when it comes to abortion? Medically, the fetus is exactly one half his. What if it’s against his religion to scrape a fetus out of a womb and toss it on the floor? Under these circumstances, why isn’t the woman forced to carry the baby to term?

On the flip side, what if a man looks at himself honestly and decides that he is not financially or emotionally ready to be a Father? Maybe he hates kids. Or maybe he’s 16 and would rather wait until he graduates to procreate. Can he legally force his girlfriend to have an abortion?

Of course not. It is the woman’s body and therefore, the woman holds all the cards. Her body, her rights, blah, blah, blah. But after the baby is born, what happens to the MAN’S ‘rights?’

He has none. For the next 18 years, he will be paying a large chunk of change to the Mother in child support, sacrificing his life and his future to allow some girl to sit at home watching talk shows, and spending every other weekend of his life with a child he never wanted.

Never mind the fact that his only birth control option is a condom…which also happens to be the least reliable form of birth control. Never mind the fact that a woman has pills, patches, shots, and emergency contraceptives available to her. Break a condom or trust a girl to swallow a pill and a man’s life will change forever without his consent.

One can argue that a man consents to having a child with a woman every time he has sex with her. He is aware that there is a 0.1% chance that any method of birth control can fail, and therefore, if a child is conceived, he is 100% responsible for the consequences. One can also argue the same for a woman. But in her case, if a child is conceived, she can run with her ass on fire to a Doctor and get it scraped out. A man doesn’t have that option.

So much for equal rights, huh?

Fact is, women only want equal rights if it doesn’t interfere with their right to be a perpetual victim.

How many women complain, whine, bitch, and moan that the father of their child is a complete deadbeat who never takes care of his spawn? How many women drag these men to court and demand ½ of his earnings because they deserve the ‘right’ to be stay at home Mom’s? How many women tell everyone (including the child) what a no-good piece of trash the father is and how he should rot in Hell?

Wow, one would think that if he were such a bastard, she wouldn’t have spread her dimply little legs for him, huh? If he was such a loser and a deadbeat, she probably shouldn’t have conceived his child! Fact is, ANYONE forced into parenthood isn’t going to turn into a model parent. Instead of blaming him for his inevitable behavior, how about blaming yourself for the poor choices YOU made and the lack of character you showed in forcing YOUR choice on a man and your respective child.

Since a woman has the most options when it comes to birth control and is the ONLY one who can decide whether or not to terminate a pregnancy, she should hold the FULL responsibility of a child she gives birth to without the father’s consent. If she wants the baby so damn bad, she can pay for it herself. A Father should have the ‘right’ to give his child up for adoption to the Mother and cut all financial and emotional obligations legally out of his life. No one should be forced into parenthood. When that happens, the only one who suffers is the child.

Fact is, woman want the right to give birth whenever they please, under whatever circumstances they desire, and they don’t care whose life they ruin in the process….even if the life they ruin is that of child. I imagine it’s not good for a child to grow up knowing he’s Daddy’s Little Fuck Up. Especially considering that that label isn’t even partially accurate. He’s Mommy’s Fuck Up, or he should be, if ‘equal rights’ really meant jack shit to the legal system when it came to parenthood.

After all, the legal system caters to single Mothers. It coddles them and repeatedly assures them that THEY were the victim when they skipped a pill, got drunk, and spread their legs, conceived a child with the town drunk or drop out, and continued the pregnancy even though the man made it clear with words and/or actions that he would not make a decent father. They were victimized and because of this, they can sit on their asses collecting child support from someone who, unlike them, did not choose to be a parent, all the while trashing men and demanding equality of the sexes.

There is no such thing as equality of the sexes. Through their actions and attitudes, single Mother’s prove that women are inferior every single day.

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