Black is Beautiful
by WHO on Sep-1-2002 writes:

I would think someone with such a put together sight and achieved the high grades you have, would be a little bit more informed on the things you put out. I am an African/Native American woman and have dealt with racism all my life.

Join the Goddamn club, sista. I’m getting sick and tired of repeating myself here, so I’m going to say it one more time and then call it quits:


You growing up in your setting where no make derogatory comments about another because of their color is unrealistic. Yes, racism is two-sided and Blacks can be racist, but anyone who says racism doesn’t exist hasn’t been an African American woman.

I never said that. Quite the opposite. Refer back to my first comment.

I am a very light-skinned Black/Native woman and have been called a “White Nigger” since I was seven.

*snorts* And now you’ve got the tortured soul act down pat, don’t you?

I am currently modeling and can you guess what kind of jobs I get, sports ads, because “Ethnic woman are most marketable in sports” why do have to always play sports?

And why do the blonde haired, blue eyed, buxom girls always get stuck being the cheerleaders? I’m sure they’d rather be the sports stars, but they can’t. Because they are more MARKETABLE being the ding bats on the sidelines. So quit complaining, it could be worse.

When I was first signed, three years ago I wanted to model so desperately I do almost anything for it.

And I’m sure you have a mouthful of cum to prove it, eh?

I was told to straiten and die my blonde, and told wear blue contacts. I would be more marketable that way; basically I would be more marketable if I was white.

You’re a model and you’re complaining about superficiality? Modeling is an industry BASED ON superficiality and marketability. If you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen! If you want to do something where your mind and abilities will be respected, then do something that requires a mind. Otherwise, grow up and quit your bitching.

My uncle was uncle was killed buy two white supremacists, not when my ancestors were bought and sold, but last year.

You’re uncle was uncle was killed? Well, golly be! That almost coulda made sense!

I live in a well off household and have never received or been able to receive financial aid, because my income is considered too high and I am BLACK. Just because your friend is slacking off, does NOT mean other African Americans as well as other races, aren’t working their ASSES off to get high just as much or perhaps more than you do.

Whoever said I got high? And what the hell does that have to do with people who get handouts based strictly on pigmentation when it should be based on ABILITY and WORK ETHIC?

Why is it that some Whites (I stress the word some to not make a blanket statement like you) get mad when Black have exclusive sororities or groups, etc., for blacks only, when some Whites do the same thing. When you have organization that is only whites, speak on only white issues, and do not allow others members of ethnicity to join that group, because they are not titled WHITE ONLY or WHITE SORORITY, can you honestly say that is not the same thing.

Um, these WHITE ONLY sororities that you speak of? They don’t exist, darling. That’s my point. Name me one sorority in the USA that has the something written down in the rulebook that excludes people with really dark tans from joining. Guess what? You can’t. But I can name you a couple hundred BLACK ONLY sororities, if I so desired.

Fact is, the only WHITE ONLY club that exists is the KKK. And if you’re not IN the KKK, then you despise the KKK. And with good reason. They are a bunch of hick racists. The problem is that people just conveniently ignore that all the girls in the BLACK ONLY sororities are just a bunch of racist hicks, too.

This is just my educated guess but I am guessing you have a problem with BET (BLACK ENTERTAINMENT)

Actually, I think BET is fucking hilarious. So much for your ‘educated’ guess. But then again, my uncle was uncle was never killed, so maybe we’re just not on the same wavelength.

However, I DO think BET should change its name.

when 90% of TV has White actors, and have only White shows this is not the same thing. When they do give blacks role it’s always the “You go Girl!” or the “No she didn’t girlfriend” snapping our fingers and shaking our heads, because it is not titled WET, (WHITE ENTERTAINMENT) it is not the same thing. Why does entertainment today constantly portray my Native and Black people and criminals, drunks, or uneducated Ebonics speaking youth (let me stress just because you speak Ebonics does not make you uneducated).

Actually, I thought I would never say this, but in the case of your last paragraph, Ebonics would probably make YOU sound MORE educated. I mean, seriously, can YOU even figure out what you wrote means? You’re 17 years old with the writing skills of a 6 year old and then you want to complain that someone called you a dumb nigger? Thank God there are educated black men and women out there that contradict the image that you are instigating with this single email.

Is it OK for a teacher to say “When I was little my teacher told my to sit Indian style so I went to the sidewalk and lay down with a can of beer in my hand, and when everyone laughed it was OK because it was all in fun.


You get mad when Blacks wear shirt that states “It’s a Black Thing,” the KKK can wear their sheets,



I most specifically stated on NUMEROUS occasions that I DO NOT support the KKK and I don’t think they are entitled to their sheets anymore than people of African heritage are entitled to their T-shirts.

Jesus Christ, sista, even the house niggers can READ.

(Note to my less intelligent readers: That last comment is meant to be read sarcastically)

so-called American men can bare tattoos of racism, its not illegal. So why is it not OK for me or any other Blacks to wear shits that say “It’s a Black Thing.”

Because it’s racist. And racism is wrong.

Why can’t I say “Black is Beautiful”?

You can. Unless you’re mute. Then, you’re screwed.

It is Beautiful as well as Whites, Natives, Mexicans, Asians, and so on and so forth. Should I not be able to say I am beautiful, when I have for years been put in the category as a darkie and putting relaxers in my hair? I cant be proud of my kinky curl hair and my hue skin, my thick thighs, small waist, and big butt, just as much as you are proud of you blonde hair blues eyes, or brown hair brown eyes, so on an so forth. I was told I couldn’t model as the “American Girl” because I am not the icon of an American girl. I am not the Icon of an American when my ancestors were here before European settlers came. I am not the Icon of and American when my ancestors were bought and sold and worked on their hand and knees just as much as yours have if not ore. I am not the icon of an American when my grandparents were born and their grandparents and so on and so forth.

We can sit here and trade history facts until the cows come home and my ass starts to ache from sitting in front of the computer too long. For example, I can gently remind you that you’d still be picking cotton in the fields while singing ‘Swing Low, Sweet Chariot’ if MY ancestors hadn’t given their lives to free yours. But this isn’t a pissing contest, darling. So I’m just going to say that NOTHING in the past justifies racism or discrimination NOW. It’s time we all got together as a people and decided to be bigger than that.

I am not the icon of an American when my uncle was in the world trade center September 11th the day it crashed down. I am proud to be an American and LOVE AMERICA, even though we are not entirely the land of the free or have liberty and justice for all (including all races). In GOD’s eyes we are all the same, and like you I will not apologize for my color, but be proud of it, just as you should be proud of yours. I am now somewhat quoting you, “You should go back to your village” and I will go back to mine, and you will see we all come from the same place.

Oh shut up, you sad, silly, illiterate bitch. You think some lame poetry-sounding bullshit is going to make me see you as the tortured race that’s merely trying to rise above? Welcome to the real world, sweetheart. We’re ALL just trying to rise above. But unlike a lot of different minority groups, I PAY MY OWN TUITION.


An American a proud 17 year old African/Native American woman

PS Response to chicks suck I saw Spiderman and thought it was an excellent movie and I don’t expect you to give a shit

And you’re telling ME this because? I’m not the Chicks Suck Guy, now am I? Oh, wait. I forgot. We’re both white. We’re pretty much all the same, aren’t we?

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