A Short Explanation
by WHO on Mar-10-2000

“Why do you have such a negative attitude towards life? Why are you so bitter? Why are you so pessimistic?”

I am sick and fucking tired getting emailed those questions so I’m going to answer, publicly, once and for all…then you can leave me alone.

The answer is simple, really. I DON’T have a negative attitude towards my life. Sure, it could be better. I could be a billionaire. I could have a sexy, ripped stud that worships the ground that I walk on (or at least was interested in more than my breasts). I could even have a puppy that shits outside. But I don’t. And 9 times out of 10, I’m willing to believe that YOU aren’t completely content with YOUR lives either. But that’s just human nature. We live our lives in a constant state of discontent. Personally, I’ve accepted it and moved on…no hard feelings here.

But that doesn’t mean things still don’t piss me off.

Haven’t YOU ever been pissed off about something? Ever receive bad customer service? Get your car stolen? Have a spouse that cheated on you? Have you ever in your life wanted needed to vent? Of course you have. And if you write to me telling me that you haven’t, I feel sorry for you. You are either spineless, lying to yourself, or are in MAJOR denial.

The problem with having a rant site is, that most people don’t realize that that’s what I’m doing-venting. I address problems I perceive with society and (sometimes) offer solutions on how to rectify said problems. I write about my minor frustrations to cleanse my soul. I take the darkest subjects I can think of and I try to make them into a joke. It’s my way of coping. I feel that it’s a healthy way to cope, too. Much better than the killing sprees I used to fantasize about as a teenager. (Come on, Columbine!)

Are you now sitting in front of your computer wondering why I don’t write about ‘happy’ stuff also? Well, the answer to that one is easy: BECAUSE YOU PROBABLY WOULDN’T READ IT. My theory is that people only visit websites for two reasons: free porn and cheap misanthropy. They want the porn for…uh…obvious reasons. And they want the misanthropy so they can have something to relate too. Reading my site is a lazy way for my audience to vent.

Usually, after I explain this all via email to some one-dimensional sap, they write back with:

“How come you call your site ‘Life Sucks’ then?”

Hence, my new layout. The old title was obviously giving the wrong impression, so I changed it. ‘Verisimilitude’ basically means having the appearance of truth…which I feel fits the content of my site pretty well. Sometimes the truth hurts.

I changed the colors because people were complaining that the green on black format was hard to read. I added a site without frames to accommodate those with shitty browsers. I have given myself an awful case of carpel tunnel for you people and all I ask for in return is:

Stop calling me a fucking pessimist. I am a realist. Dammit..


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